1000 Green Pass online updates: many, but not a thousand

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Quiet, this is not another article about the theft of the green pass, which runs now from the first of November. I have already read the excellent analysis of AgendaDigitale (thanks to the work of Federico Fuga and Claudio). In addition, for the time being, there are other news in the press about it.

Having worked also I analysis TO the above, I wanted you to take a trip on what he's seen my experience in this analysis. If you like let's start now.

You surely know already, in the last weeks and is available in an online archive containing so-called 1000 green pass. They are all cataloged in PDF format, then we have 1000 files of certification the green, around the network. Through a round of reports, the issue came to the Guarantor, who is occupying an investigation to discover the background to the most important from the legal point of view.

But they are 1000 Green Pass valid?

To find this answer, which is the engine of the analysis TO the above, you need to browse the contents of the PDF file released by the official website of government DGC. But the thousand are so many to browse? True. Then we do one thing, follow me.

Thinking before starting the practice, what there may be in these 1000? In principle, we can definitely find the green pass valid for the effect of a second dose of vaccine (hey, we are repeating that there are so many valid, for weeks), then there may be certifications from the buffer, which being expired may not be the most valid, and, finally, there may be certifications of first doses, maybe even these have expired.

Verify it. I have acted in this way:

  • Take a shell, don't tell me that you have not’ because without an OS Unix like don't go anywhere in this world.
  • Installatie an excellent tool for this case, it is called pdfgrep.
  • Let's try to sort by the bulk of 1000, those who, according to me, may not be valid, the first doses of the vaccine: here is the command
mv `pdfgrep -r "1/2" | cut-d: -f1 | sort-u ` ../target-nonvalidi/

As you can see pdfgrep is very good, with extracts any string contained in the PDF, even recursively through folders, but next to the name and put the two points, hence the efforts to remove them.

The list is thin those eyebrows out as imagined. Now we have about 184 GP less. These just moved to then be verified with the official app, but I anticipate that do not work.

We do the same for seek the results of tampons, I give you a hand, the search word is “Test”. Found?

Here's that peeking out of 43.

Green Pass from swabs

So now we know with reasonable certainty that there are 773 or 774 green pass validaround the network, not yet revoked (by blacklist), but soon, hopefully, it will be.

Not only do these

I also remember that in addition to this collection, and there is a second, with the famous 62these are valid, that runs on Google Drive, the data is all under control and monitorizzo the situation, until it will be all blacklistati. If you need evidence, material, extraction techniques, you can find me available to all my contacts, for any collaboration (for those who perform the investigations, of course).

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