Cyber attack on the iranian Mahan Airlines, online data, and political motive

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A group of cyber-called “Hoshyaran-and Vatan” announced that it had launched a cyber attack on the web site and e-mail Mahan Airlines.

Documents of Hamrah Company addressed to the “respectable CEO, Mr. Golparast”, also referred to as sradar Golparast – a military rank used in the IRGC – (a front for the IRGC-QF, special force of the revolutionary guards islamic), a member of the IRGC is also listed as the owner of the infamous Qeshm Fars Air in the register of companies of iran. Qeshm Fars is a well-known company cover FF, often used to transport ammunition across the Middle East.

The hacker attack to the Mahan Airlines has been confirmed by the public relations of the company.

Mahan Air has been under us sanctions since 2011 for allegedly provided support to the Quds Force. The airline has been linked to the alleged shipments of weapons from Iran to groups of shiites in Syria, including the terrorist group Hezbollah. In the past it was thought that the alleged israeli air strikes in Syria have targeted the shipment of weapons of Mahan Air.

According to Salam No, citing Shargh, the channel Telegram of the newspaper want ... recently announced in a news story that a significant part of the information on the staff and on the crew, and more than five thousand database information Homa Airlines have been disclosed online. At the same time, a Mahan Airlines Flight Information System has been breached and its information are to be sold in the foreign forum, but the value of his information is still not clear.

The news came when the department of public relations Mahan Airlines confirmed the attack of hacking in an interview with Sharq, but said that the matter was under investigation and it was still not clear if it had led to a leakage of information or documents from within the company.

The group Hooshyarane Vatan tells the story of

We examined internal documents, e-mails, reports, and more from the systems Mahan Air. Thanks to full access to their unencrypted data and to some information online, we found more sensitive information and classified that Mahan Air has tried to hide.
At a certain point, the IT department of Mahan has identified it on the network, but even then they never got to take us out and our access to their network has never been damaged.

The statements of the criminal group

The Revolutionary Guards threaten the life of the civil passengers by placing shipments of dangerous weapons on civil aviation.

For years, the airline “Mahan Air” has been publicly examined and investigated for the co-operation with the al-Quds Force of the Body of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, however the details of this cooperation have never been discovered.
The mission of this attack, as claimed is that the public deserve to know the truth behind this cooperation and the money wasted for the activities of the IRGC and abroad while the iranian people are hungry at home. Mahan Air documents that the public deserves to know, this would lead them to hack the network of Mahan. In a series of posts, expose, and explain the crucial information that they have found within the network of Mahan Air.

In the documents obtained are found connections with a travel agency iranian call Utab Gasht. It seems that they were booked seats from 2017 to about 70 thousand passengers, only on the route Theran-Damascus (sometimes even 100 all in the same flight at the same time), with the same name that is the same for all “MR. Hamrah Hamrah“. Find of course, the relevant passages of money between the two companies.

There were even links the apparently narrow between the company Hamrah and the same Mahan Airso close that Hamrah can get away with booking a number of tickets for passengers anonymous using the name “Hamrah Hamrah” without any notice to the same Mahan Air.

To further ensure the suspects were the formal documents of Hamrah Company addressed to the “respectable CEO, mr. Golparast”, also referred to as sradar Golparast – a military rank used in the IRGC.

At this point it is clear to us that the company Hamrah is actually another company cover used by the IRGC-QF to freely move supplies and personnel under the cover of civil.

As we have seen, Mahan Air has safety standards to say the least, unconventional. We found that Mahan keeps a log of its activities, suspected with FF under the name of “Hamrah”, and that this activity is managed by sradar Golparast. There were still many things that we didn't yet know, for example: what is the load carrying exactly QF on these flights, how much of it and where it is transported to the load. Neither knew who was involved in this cooperation, or what was used.

We found receipts for charter flights completely booked invoiced to the company The Hamrah, that we determined to be managed by the Quds Force. These charter flights were booked with hundreds of passengers not in the list, and operated on a weekly basis between Tehran, Damascus and Beirut.
On the basis of the destinations, the hundreds of passengers are likely to be fighters FF sent to help the Assad regime in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and wasting more wealth stolen to finance terrorists and criminals.

The statements of the criminal group

In short, a real cyber attack political. A kind of revolt, that it would seem to have nothing to do with the recent attacks by the USA or Israel through Moses Staff). A leak to extract a truth hidden between companies that operate on behalf of the war, perpetually in motion, as has already been sanctioned by the USA (2011).

The group also with a Tweet alerting you of had a lot more material, and that in the next few days will other releases documentary, for many more details, which would seem to be missing from this first part.

In the last tweet also states:

Gold and weapons sent from Iran to the militias and foreign. The scheme tells us that there is no money, shoot the protesters, and at the same time #IRGC Quds Force send our wealth in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan to kill the other.

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