BlackShadow publish new database of the zionists

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New escape to the personal data of hundreds of thousands of zionists, directly on the website of BlackShadow.

After the recent data breach at CyberServethat touched a million israelis, the leaks do not stop, because they have been published in the new database to the different companies that contain the personal data of hundreds of thousands of zionists of israel.

The hacker group Black Shadow has released more data coming from your radio 103FM and from travel agency Tripguaranty, from the furniture company Locker'ambin, from Mor Medical Institute and the society of jewellery Taisei.

The data Taisei Jewelry include full names, addresses of customers, the e-mail address, user name and password in the clear for the 2,000 members of different countries and, of course, including customers in the United Arab Emirates.

There is also a file containing the details of more than half a million zionists who have booked flights through a travel agency Tripguaranty.

Also a zip file that contains the security certificates for the remote connection to a variety of Web sites, including the Web site of the Cancer Control Society, the Knowledge Center for Regulating Computing and Employment, the Order of the lawyers, the Medical Medical Center and the Zionist Journal of Psychotherapy.

The complete list of what has been communicated

  • a file's age of 290mila zionists of the Mor Medical Institute
  • 29mila users from the website of the radio 103FM
  • Half a million users of the furniture company Locker'ambin
  • File security certificates for websites zionists
  • Half a million of data on travellers to the travel agency tripguaranty
  • Customer data of your jewelry Taisei

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