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Using the data breach consolidated Mahan Air, every day there are several new scenarios. Today, relations with Venezuela. You can see the other material on this story here.

It is the known fact that Mahan Air made special deliveries to Venezuela, but that officially have always included only equipment engineering legitimate. However, we now have information online that show that the amount of business between Venezuela and Mahan Air rather, it is consistent and that the goods submitted are not at all limited to “equipment engineering”... These data, for example, show how in the course of the 2020 Mahan Air has been carried out sixteen flights Airbus A340 to and from Venezuela. If this seems a small number of flights, just think that is enough to transfer about 544 thousand pounds of equipment, weapons, or [almost] anything else.

From the cyber attack claimed by hooshyaran-and vatanthere are others with a lot of information, the first accused by the United States but not supported by the evidence public, as well as the affiliation of Mahan Air with FF (as demonstrated in our previous publication), today, reinforcing the suspicion exists on the connection between the IRGC-QF, and Venezuela.

With regard to the goods which include those 544 tonnes, Mahan Air said that it is equipment for refineries in Venezuela. However, the documentation made public today by the criminal group, certifies that this is false, and the truth is actually something different.

The spreadsheet shows that Mahan has reported to have transferred tens of tons of drugs on each flight in Venezuela, it would seem legitimate, but once again, other documents revealed, the attest to be a false report, and the actual load is still completely different.

In PDF carry-over (through leaks hooshyaran-and vatan) an internal email from Mahan Air in which it is stated that the goods transported in Venezuela are actually gold (as well as some of the animals legally prohibited for export). It is not excluded that this may be one of the methods used to circumvent the sanctions between the iranians and venezuelans. In addition, this e-mail shows in detail the exact weight of the load that can be shipped on board of each of these flights.

This type of activity, the secret can not be done as a normal part of your flight the passengers and the substantial involvement of the CEO of Mahan Air (Hamid Arab-Nejad) refers to it as deeply involved with FF and use his company for the purposes secrets and little legitimate. The official letter attached shows Hamid Arab-Nejad and the connection of the Mahan Air Company agreements for oil with Venezuela. In particular, in the sale of 5 million barrels of oil to Venezuela, or about 800 million gallons of gasoline. 

To calculate the value of a large-scale production of this deal, we need to think about the next time we will make it into a full-service station.

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