The SBU stopped the international group Phoenix

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The attackers have hacked the phones, stolen passwords, and sold confidential data.

Employees of the security service of Ukraine neutralized international group of cyber criminals Phoenix. Operators specialized in hacking and remote mobile devices, and in the illegal collection of personal data.

The people arrested will be charged pursuant to article 361 of the criminal code of ukraine. This covers the “the interference is illegal in the operation of electronic computers, systems, and computer networks”. The SSU has stated that all five of the suspects live in Kiev or Kharkiv and are graduates of institutes of technical education upper.

Details of the Pheonix Hacking Group

The announcement of the SSU included details on how to Pheonix has carried out his attacks. In any potential attack, the group would aim to gain remote access to a targeted device. To do this, the actors have used phishing sites that were very close to the portals of access to Apple and Samsung. Would then use the information obtained here to hack the electronic payments or the bank accounts of the victim or sell the stolen information to third parties.

The group has also offered its services to third parties, which would have paid an average of $ 200. In addition to hacking, Pheonix is also involved in the release of Apple devices lost or stolen. These devices were then sold in a “network of shops controlled in Kiev and Kharkiv“.

The Ukrainian police have conducted searches in every time and place of arrest (offices, technical centers in the underground that worked under the guise of shops that sell phones and the actual residence of the attackers), where he seized the following materials:

  • computer equipment
  • mobile devices
  • specialized software
  • other hardware

The police said they had even found several stolen device that would have been sold as new-in the region of Kiev.

Hackers working for over 2 years and during this period, several hundred people have become their victims. Are in progress investigation to identify and prosecute all persons involved in the illegal activities.

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