Change it only a voice, but Apple decided not to support multiple NSO

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The revelation, a few years ago that the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States has led a surveillance mass about million americans have rekindled the debate on the misconduct of governments and their violation of human rights and privacy law.

Until recently, however, Israel were spared due to the critical, not only for its methods of espionage, illegal on the palestinians, but also to have been the creator of many of the technologies that are now heavily criticised by human rights groups around the world.

In Gaza, two million palestinians live under the israeli blockade. They are surrounded by walls, electric fences, barriers, underground, ships of the navy and the multitudes of snipers. From the top, the tannaanathe word slang the arab palestinians use to drone without a pilotobserves and records everything. Sometimes, these armed drones are being used to blow up anything that could be suspicious from the point of view of the “security” of israel. Also, every palestinian who wishes to leave or return to Gaza, only the few that is granted this privilege is subject to more stringent measures “for your safety”, which involve the various services of government intelligence, and infinite controls the military. This applies as much to a palestinian child or as a woman terminally ill.

Fortunately, the news about the practices antidemocratic of Israel are becoming more and more notes. On 8 November, the Washington Post has revealed an operation of mass surveillance in israel, using the technology “Blue Wolf” to create a huge database of all the palestinians.

This additional measure provides soldiers the ability, using your own cameras to take pictures of the greatest possible number of palestinians and “to a database of images so large that a former soldier described him as the Facebook for palestinians secret army”.

Pegasus it is a type of malware that spy iPhone and Android devices, to extract photos, messages, email, and record the calls. Tens of thousands of people around the world, many of which are important activists, journalists, officials, business leaders, and the like, have been the victims of this operation. It is not surprising that the Pegasus is produced by the technological society in israel, the group NSO, the products of which are heavily involved in monitoring and spy of the palestinians, as confirmed by the defenders of the base-line is headquartered in Dublin, and as following from The New York Times on 8 November.

Unfortunately, the practice illegal and undemocratic israel have become the subject of international condemnation when the victims were high-profile personalities, such as the French president Emmanuel Macron, and others. When the victims of espionage, surveillance and profiling racial israeli were the palestinians, the story still seemed unworthy of being reported.

Apple declared on Tuesday, have filed a lawsuit against the computer society of the israeli NSO Group and its parent company, OSY Technologies for surveillance and targeting Apple users with the spyware Pegasus.

“The actors sponsored by the state as the group NSO spend millions of dollars in sophisticated surveillance technologies without a real responsibility. This must change,” said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering, in the announcement of the Apple.

All this at the same time the news of Monday, for which the company's credit rating, Moody's says that the company behind the scandal hacking the global are more at risk of violating the agreements on the debt (a possible insolvency 500 million dollars). Import restrictions in the united states have approached further the scenario of default.

On 3 November, the administration, Joe Biden has decided to put in the black list, the group NSO israel had acted “contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States”. These are all appropriate measures, of course, but do not address the ongoing violations of israeli forces against the palestinian people.

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