If you want to contact this blog, in a secure manner, you can do this via the encrypted communications of ProtonMail. You can contact us to disclose any information that you know and you want to become part of our studies on cyber security. We may so speak, with secure communications, learn the information in your possession and then publish, protecting the source.

We often work with those who have information that is especially relevant to not want to reveal his identity, but wanted to do an interview so that the information to be published without danger to his person.


insicdig AT protonmail.com

Or the Tor network you can write in total anonymity, writing by logging in via webmail on the Tor network to:

isd AT dnmx.org

If you need to send the file in large number, you can store everything with .zip .rar .tar.gz and upload always from the browser with the Tor network to this service: Anon-File. At this point in the e-mail is sufficient to indicate the link for us to download, without adding attachments.