Data Leaks list

Page dedicated to the monitoring and analysis of relevant data, and characterized by important public interest, which were disseminated through data leaks, criminal operations, to the detriment of the States and the companies.

NB: the list shows the data so far analyzed and drawn on HackerAlert.en.

BlueLeaksBlueLeaks, sometimes referred to by the hashtag #BlueLeaks, is an archive of 269 gigabytes of internal data of the forces of law and order, the u.s. obtained from the collective of hacktivism, Anonymous, and were released on June 19, 2020.01.01.2021
GorraLeaksHundreds of gigabytes of data argentina, tradeoffs, including e-mail, documents, recordings of intercepted phone calls and more.01.01.2021
XRay – The BahamasA copy leaked to the register of companies of the Bahamas.01.01.2021
BobOttoA data set of return to the past now available via torrent: e-mail breach by the employee of the Department of State Robert “Bob” Otto01.01.2021
MilicoLeaksMilicoLeaks – email hackerate by Anonymous from the army chilean01.01.2021
INAFOREmail hackerate by the forest service of Nicaragua07.01.2021
India-BullsOver 130,000 e-mail and files from the India Bulls, which operates in the finance, real estate and pharmaceutical sectors with other sectors.07.01.2021
Netzsch375.000 file from Netzsch, manufacturer of machinery from $ 1 billion a year.07.01.2021
PlanatolE-mail, documents, and databases of the manufacturer, industrial Planatol.07.01.2021
ExecuPharm200.000 e-mail, and other files from ExecuPharm, a pharmaceutical company that performs medical studies.07.01.2021
AxialALL documents from the platform Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). This means more than 250k confidential files related to the thousands of mergers and acquisitions, which will probably show up many transactions and, in particular, the values of the transactions of M&As09.01.2021
ParlerText messages Parler (including those of the attempted coup, Washington, D. C., 6 January)23.01.2021
Win-Network-fullAlthough the information has been indexed and made part of the raw data have not previously been made available to journalists and researchers. A big thank you to our friends of the SMAT to have acquired and shared data!11.02.2021
Myanmar-FinancialsMyanmar Financials: 330 GB and hundreds of thousands of records relating to the property of the company and for the society in Myanmar by the offices of myco.tell and bo.tell
GabLeaksGab, a platform for the far-right has been violated, including the private data03.03.2021
Myanmar-investmentsMyanmar Investments, more than 150 GB of confidential documents, proposals and acceptances03.03.2021
City of Chicago emailsIn the light of the killing of Adam Toledo, Distributed Denial of Secrets are releasing tens of thousands of e-mail (2019-2021) by the Chief Risk Officer, from the official FOIA, the deputy press secretary and the deputy mayor for public safety in the city of Chicago.
The e-mail were violated by the law firm Jones Day, which were provided as part of a revision of the policies of the city in response to the failed jameson raid of the police in Chicago in the house of the social worker Anjanette Young in 2019.
Metropolitan Police DepartmentThe Metropolitan Police Department, including a collection of about 28.500 e-mail from the chief analyst of the civilian for the department of intelligence of the department17.05.2021
Sperbank-TranslationsOver 13,500 file infringed by the translation office of Sberbank of Russia, providing a unique insight into the interests of the bank and its customers. Among other items, the translations include policy analysis, military sales and reportage open source.02.06.2021
Linestar37 gigabyte violated by the company of integrated maintenance of compliance, technology and integrity of the pipeline LineStar09.06.2021
Pipelinemail73,500 metric e-mail from the company of integrated maintenance, compliance, technology, and the integrity of the pipeline LineStar09.06.2021
JebMore than 1.5 million email from the campaigns of Jeb Bush and the governorship of Florida from 1999 to mid-200011.08.2021
ContiTrainingA torrent of training files ransomware Accounts available for download and can be kept more simple. (the data are disclosed by vx-underground)15.08.2021
GulfCopperMore than 9,000 files from Gulf Copper Energy Services, which serves major and independent contractors of drilling rigs offshore operating companies and services to the offshore oil and gas, the national oil companies, the main operators of commercial vessels and the government and military of the United States.15.08.2021
AllianceCoal42 GB of files being violated by the second-largest producer of coal in the eastern United States, including over 180,000 e-mail.17.08.2021
Virginia Military AffairsTwo gigabytes of e-mails hacked from the Department of military affairs of the Virginia and released on the darkweb by the group Marketo.02.09.2021
Shell100 gigabytes from the global group Shell companies in the energy, petrochemical, hacked by CL0P.03.09.2021
HARTThe file HART (chat logs, and file attachments that expose the inner workings of a group leader of antivaccinazione and anti-masking) were upgraded to 10 GB, and have been authorized for public distribution by DDoSecret. The chat logs are as recent as a week ago, and they include the reaction to the initial loss.03.09.2021
BPCSeveral megabytes from the Banco de Poupança e Crédito, banca, full-service property of the government in Angola.04.09.2021
filtracionPNCThe Database of police of El Salvador
An alleged database of about 37,000 police officers in El Salvador, containing identification numbers, names, telephone numbers, information on the allocation of offices, etc., hacked by FocaLeaks.
mkBrokers23 gigabytes being violated by the investment company Bulgarian MK Brokers, including nearly 150,000 file.15.09.2021
SDF Energy Group3,8 gigabyte hacked by the hydroelectric company panamanian Saltos del Francolí, SA (SDF Energy Group), involved in the project Los Planets.15.09.2021
cometGroup6,9 gigabyte violated by a company in the recycling industry, with the headquarters in Belgium, and operating in Europe, Asia and South America. Groupe Comet (Comet Group) is specialized in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and carries out research and development activities.15.09.2021
BangkokAir140 gigabytes hacked by Bangkok Airways, including the airport, work and contractual information.15.09.2021
Nusantara RegasA gigabyte of files hacked from the company gas natural Nusantara Regas.15.09.2021
Operation EpikFail180 gigabytes of users, recording, forwarding, and other information behind web hosting service and domain registrar “privacy” Epik, known for hosting content fascists, suprematisti white and the other right, as well as Web sites of harassment and doxing. (The original)16.09.2021
EpikFailThe data of the Epik were optimized and heavily compressed in just 33-gigabyte and a torrent much more compatible. Users will find this much more accessible and a download is much faster.16.09.2021
Linkedin 2021Data broken down by Country.19.09.2021
PNCFocaLeaks claims to have breached the police of El Salvador, obtained access to documents on civil, agents and criminal investigations.22.09.2021
CNPA copy that is not drawn up a list of the states is highly restricted to September 2020 for the Council for National Policy, an organization and a group of networking for activists, conservatives and republicans in the United States.22.09.2021
Oath KeepersCirca 5 gigabyte di e-mail, registri delle chat, elenchi di membri e donatori e altri file dai server di Oath Keepers.27.09.2021
Zurich.comIl dump contiene 4.246.656 righe con i dati delle polizze assicurative dei clienti della compagnia. Nome/cognome, numero di polizza, indirizzo email, numero di telefono, indirizzo, targa e marca dell’auto. Il dump è stato effettuato il 29/06/2021 attraverso una vulnerabilità nell’infrastruttura IT dell’azienda.06.10.2021
Ducks.org197K righe full deashed di Ducks.org07.10.2021
ThailandThailandia: 100k DB di un ospedale07.10.2021 Health University WordPress07.10.2021
BookChorDB con 112K righe totalmente dehashed, 15K privati07.10.2021
JamTanGan.comDB con 134K righe totalmente dehashed, 110K privati07.10.2021