What contain the video of aerial surveillance leaked american police?

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Over 600 hours of footage of aerial surveillance footage from police helicopters in Dallas (TX), and Atlanta (GA) and its surroundings.

The large movie reveals the capabilities of the technology, “military-grade” behind the surveillance of the police. It also highlights the voyeurism inherent in the surveillance and how often do you focus on first amendment-protected and people who don't have the idea of being observed, and that you have not done anything to justify the intrusion of surveillance.

The presentation of the files of DDoSecrets

It was published last Friday (November 5) a big data leak containing approximately 600 hours of footage of helicopters by the american police force, engaged in the service of video surveillance in the air, highlighting the flaw thickest of this technique in investigations of repression: the treatment of sensitive information on the privacy of civil. The release took place online to the work of Distributed Denial of Secrets (association for the transparency of the institutions, considered to be the successor of WikiLeaks, whose major contribution is given by the investigative journalist Emma Best). DDoSecrets the same has not identified the source of origin of the files, but it does point out that were stored in the cloud without protections, and esfiltrabili online.

By analyzing the movie, the landscape observed in the video seemed to show Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. The police department in Dallas has confirmed that some of the content of the video was to them, and the departments of police of Atlanta and Georgia have rejected it.

Bringing back the comments from the co-founder of DDoSecrets Emma Best we note that the helicopters of the police may be pervasive, as their drones. 

“People think of the police helicopters are helicopters road, but they are much more,” he said.

 “Bring on board, a technology that allows the police to observe people while they do not have the idea of being observed. It is important that people understand what it is already capable the technology of the police and what it might be capable in the future,” he continued Best.

“It is a clear example of why the surveillance mass will make our society less safe, not more safe,” said Evan Greer, deputy director of the rights group digital Fight for the Futurein the context of the movie.

Let's get into details

As you can imagine, the surveillance footage is terrifying. The helicopter is very close to a bunch of courtyards of people (several times). Images from the spread, but a point where the helicopter focuses on an elderly woman who download the expenditures from his car, in a very high resolution.

To get an idea of the size of these zoom, with key details blurred here we will show you how during the surveillance of the woman who download her from the car, the shopping, you can clearly read the text on a sign of the campaign in his backyard.

The software and the hardware shown that providing an overlay on this movie are from a camera ball Wescam EO/IR of AeroComputer: system digital mapping UC-6000, with the overlap UtilChart 3.0.

As reported by the journalist Mikael Thalenthis screenshot of the video surveillance of the police helicopter leaked, shows up to that point the cameras can zoom in. Obscuring these two people seemingly random in this shot that they were totally unaware of being shot.

Many activities are identified to photograph a district, zoom in on individuals apparently random and take the sun in their backyard.

The deputy director of the group for digital rights-Fight for the Future, Evan Greer, has observed that the usual rules on these vehicles are associated with “when there is something specific in the course, but anecdotally, it also feels that are used for purposes of intimidating, how to fly very low over neighborhoods where the residents are predominantly people of color.”

The same Greer has admitted that she never thought that the police could track people through their helicopters. 

“I have never heard specifically of helicopters used in this way,” said Greer. “It is not entirely surprising, but it is definitely alarming.”

And all of us, in our small way we can make a single reflection: this is the protection and the surveillance that we really want from our States?

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